クラシックギタリスト 奥野隆

Takashi Okuno(奥野隆)クラシックギタリスト

山口ギターコンクール優勝(2004年)、九州ギター音楽コンクール第2位(2009年)、日本ギターコンクール第3位(2009年)。 日本ギター連盟のディプロマを取得(2010年)。


Takashi okuno / classical guitarist

Takashi was born in Shiga pref.(Japan) in 1985. He studied the guitar under direction of T.Matsuda, S.Fuji, M.Tokutake, N.Sato, and graduated from Elisabeth University of Music (Japan / 2008). Attending to international guitar festivals (Gargnano in Italy, Nuertingen in Germany, Liechtenstein, Korea), Takashi also studied with A.Pierri, O.Ghiglia, R.Smits, L.Michelle.
Takashi is the winner of the 1st prize in Yamaguchi Classic Guitar Music Competition (2004), 2nd prize in Kyusyu Guitar Music Competition (2009), 3rd prize in Japan Guitar Competition (2009), and also has a diploma of Japan Guitar Federation.
He acts as a solo player and also plays chamber music in variable cities in Japan, and teaches in his own guitar school and is an instructor in some famous music schools.